In most cases, so many people often think that emergency plumbing services are cascaded only on flooded basements and frozen pipes. From research and feasibility study, it is important to know that plumbing companies like Lubbock Plumbers can provide solutions to common emergency situations above client’s expectations. You can visit the Facebook Page of Lubbock Plumbers to know more about them.

Is your quest for the common emergency plumbing situations in Lubbock TX? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover the most common situations in the Lubbock area.

Laundry Room Floods

Studies have shown that blocked washer drains or damaged washer hoses can cause flooding in a laundry room. In fact, these actions can enable water to spread to all other areas of your home. When you use too much detergent or run high-efficiency washing machines at home, there is every possibility to experience water damage. Even if you are using the wrong laundry detergent, chances are water damage from washing machines will occur.

When this occurs, you will discover too many soap suds being produced. This will lead to blocking the washer drain so that water has nowhere to go, but overflow. The entire process will eventually lead to flooding the laundry room. When the laundry room does not have a floor drain, it may be too expensive to handle the problem. You may even spend more money if the floor drain is not located in the basement near a sump pump.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes have become a common problem that homeowners in Lubbock TX usually experience on a yearly basis. When freezing temperatures cause cracks, pipes usually end up leaking. This can always occur in situations where home renovation efforts accidentally lead to damage. On older homes where pipes have become weakened and corroded, this scenario can also occur. Depending on where the leak occurs, leaking pipes are usually not easy to notice or spot. Nevertheless, leaking pipes can cause lots of damages easily and moves across a wider portion than most other plumbing problems.

In case you hear a rushing sound or notice ceiling, walls or flooring items that are bulging or damp, these can all be signs of leaking pipes. If you also suddenly see a spike in your home water use or have reduced water pressure, these can as well be signs of leaking pipes. Get your leaking pipes immediately resolved to prevent home mold growth.

Sewer Backups

Do you know that a sewer backup can bring dangerous water problem into a home? It is not a good idea to clean up a sewer backup on your own. On this note, you can hire an expert to install the right mechanisms and clean the sewer backup easily without any difficulty. This will prevent the sewer backup to occur again.

Clogged Drains

With gel or liquid drain cleaner, you can easily remedy mildly clogged drains. An emergency plumber ( attention is needed for seriously clogged drains. The hired expert will help to remove and break the clog. In most cases, clogs usually occur in bathtub/shower drains, garbage disposals, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and dishwasher tubing. The most common culprit for a kitchen drain clog is food waste. Nevertheless, the most common sign for a bathroom drain clog is the hair. An emergency plumbing company has special equipment to handle these types of clogs without damaging the pipes.

Damaged Sewer Lines

To be factual here, damaged sewer line is a big problem. When the sewer line connected to your home is corroded or cracked, it will start leaking the raw sewage that should be drained. Uneven water levels in the toilets of your home remain the early sign of a damaged sewer line. You will also notice several drains clogged simultaneously. The sewer line may be broken if your lawn looks wet or feels spongy or has a really unpleasing odor. Shifting pipes or mature tree roots piercing is the most common cause of a broken sewer line. An accident such as digging up sewer pipe when installing landscaping features can as lead to a broken sewer line.

Conclusion: The common emergency plumbing situations are endless depending on the cause. With the few points explained in this article, you can be sure to grasp some of the basic emergency plumbing problems people experience, time and again in Lubbock, TX.

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